Rewire creates collaborative moments, encouraging inclusiveness and support. This allows many to succeed vs one or two. These tools help entrepreneurs have a better chance to succeed.


Rewire has built a foundation of solid reputation known for its compassion and community minded values. This culture has enabled our community of solo-preneurs to step into their passion feeling more secure and less alone. Working together in planning for future with clarity of direction, tools and support systems. 


Innovative in its business strategy Rewire has successfully held local workshops with full attendance virtually unknown in the business sector. Rewire supports its clients with suggestions to community agencies or local businesses, matching needs to services available. 


Rewire is known in the short time in operation as a business that feels good to do business with. Rewire engages others by sharing insight based on real experiences. As a result attendance at workshops are always a success, and in most cases sold out. 


Observing someone's growth as they shift their mindset and open themselves to alternative possibilities of goal reaching always brings the most delight. 


"We rise by lifting others"


Rewire is dedicated to building community in each and every moment in the most positive ways... Leading by example.

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